Sunday, 15 May 2016

How to Pitch?

So, here comes my 1st lesson in ALPHA Camp!

Guy Kawasaki - 10 slides / 20 min / 30 point font

First, you need to think of an idea.  And it's not easy at all.  From what Bernard said, you need to think of what market needs nowadays, and what you've been good at/doing it for a long time, so you can convince others about why they should trust you with this idea.  So it's about MARKET & YOUR STORIES/NEEDS - Founders' stories.

From your story, you will see where the PROBLEM is.  For example, I've been living and working in many countries and I have trouble shipping my 50kg parcel internationally because of their speed and quality.  So I wanna startup a new international shipping company (just an example).

But you are right, there're heaps of COMPETITOR are doing it.  DHL Express, FedEx Corporation...etc.  And you list out what their weaknesses and why you think you can beat them.

Your startup CORE VALUE:  I want my new international shipping company can deliver parcels no matter how huge they are within 24 hours for example.  So I can say that my core value will be 'speed'.  And then you introduce the PRODUCT.

Lastly, you talk about USER IMPACT and how this product benefits them.

If there are customers who will give their TESTIMONY it will be perfect!

Yes that's what I've learnt about how to pitch.  And now I need to think of my pitch idea which is TOUGH lol!

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