Sunday, 15 May 2016

First UI making on Sketch!

Hi guys!

It's been a while.  Through out this year I've been thinking about where to go next and if drawing is really something I wanna do for life.  Yes I love drawing and I will never get tired of doing so, but somehow I wanna connect to the world more.  I've been searching what I really want and I have three directions so far: Makeup Artist, UI/UX designer, and marketing field.

In the end I wanna try out UI/UX.  It's still design, and I can approach lots of group of people.  It can relate to psychology, environment, culture, and human behavior.  Sounds interesting isn't it!

Anyway I apply for this 3 months school called ALPHA camp.  It's a startup school and anyway, I should shut up and just let you guys know that I've been learning about a new software Sketch, it's like a little bit of Photoshop and illustrator.  It's not so hard!

And this is the four profile app pages I've been working...(see attachment).

I still love to draw in my spare time.  But let's begin something cool too!

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