Sunday, 15 May 2016

How to Pitch?

So, here comes my 1st lesson in ALPHA Camp!

Guy Kawasaki - 10 slides / 20 min / 30 point font

First, you need to think of an idea.  And it's not easy at all.  From what Bernard said, you need to think of what market needs nowadays, and what you've been good at/doing it for a long time, so you can convince others about why they should trust you with this idea.  So it's about MARKET & YOUR STORIES/NEEDS - Founders' stories.

From your story, you will see where the PROBLEM is.  For example, I've been living and working in many countries and I have trouble shipping my 50kg parcel internationally because of their speed and quality.  So I wanna startup a new international shipping company (just an example).

But you are right, there're heaps of COMPETITOR are doing it.  DHL Express, FedEx Corporation...etc.  And you list out what their weaknesses and why you think you can beat them.

Your startup CORE VALUE:  I want my new international shipping company can deliver parcels no matter how huge they are within 24 hours for example.  So I can say that my core value will be 'speed'.  And then you introduce the PRODUCT.

Lastly, you talk about USER IMPACT and how this product benefits them.

If there are customers who will give their TESTIMONY it will be perfect!

Yes that's what I've learnt about how to pitch.  And now I need to think of my pitch idea which is TOUGH lol!

First UI making on Sketch!

Hi guys!

It's been a while.  Through out this year I've been thinking about where to go next and if drawing is really something I wanna do for life.  Yes I love drawing and I will never get tired of doing so, but somehow I wanna connect to the world more.  I've been searching what I really want and I have three directions so far: Makeup Artist, UI/UX designer, and marketing field.

In the end I wanna try out UI/UX.  It's still design, and I can approach lots of group of people.  It can relate to psychology, environment, culture, and human behavior.  Sounds interesting isn't it!

Anyway I apply for this 3 months school called ALPHA camp.  It's a startup school and anyway, I should shut up and just let you guys know that I've been learning about a new software Sketch, it's like a little bit of Photoshop and illustrator.  It's not so hard!

And this is the four profile app pages I've been working...(see attachment).

I still love to draw in my spare time.  But let's begin something cool too!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

20 min color/lighting learning

I did this for a short practise on color arranging / lighting from Disney and Pixar

Some UI testing

I did some UI test... it's not perfect and I'll try to make it better, but it's something for a start :)

p.s. I did not do the background.  I only did the UI!  :p

I start to change my direction..

Hi there!

It's been a long time, it's not that I didn't draw anything at all, but I kinda in the middle of thinking if concept art is really something I really wanna do.  Yes I love drawing, but I wish to meet more awesome people too.  In Asia, if you are a artist, most of the time you will sit in front of a computer for the rest of your life.  But that's not what I really want.  Yes I will leave Asia one day but still I wish to contact with more people even during office hours.

I start to try some UI design last year around July 2015.  It's been a great journey but I realize that UI has something more behind.  Eg, users' behaviour.  If I don't know users' habits, how do I design where a button should be placed?  I guess this is something about UX and it effects a whole lot more to other area like psychology, human behaviour, environment..etc.  

For a start, I did some app icon.  I guess this might belong to GUI area according to my friends.  But oh well, let's have some fun doing something different, shall we?

I did those app icons for fun around November, 2015.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Still life practise

Haven't drawn still life for years!  This is kinda not so professional but it's a practise, I'll keep going!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Character practise from Loish's tutorial

Hi all,  I lately tried to do this tutorial from Loish.  She's just so great n I wanna learn something from her.  This is the original website from Pinterest -

and this is her original web -

I have long way to go! :p

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

4days - 1 piece of rendering exercise of icons

This is a tiny little small lol daily practice that force me to draw every single day.  It's not something big and it's all learnt from pinterest artists :p but I hope to improve a bit everyday ..

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My first creature/bg piece practise

I did this for a interview for a mobile game company, and they are willing to see me drawing monsters/bg.  Unfortunately eventually I wasn't selected by them, but it's a really great experience too.  Although there're still lots of things I need to improve like anatomy, design, and posture etc,  I'm sure I'm on my way!  :)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A 30 min concept practice

Haven't been painting for 6 months... During this period, although I do wanted to paint desperately,  I still can't get the motivation to force me to paint anything.  Sometimes I have too many things that I wanna paint.  I believe you concept artists know what I'm talking about ;)  So this is a small beginning, a 30 min practice.  Not the best, but more on the way!  I hope I'm on the track of coming back to paint regularly!